Non-Profit Tech Supporting PDX, OR

We believe technology should be used for good.
Our services aim to help dreams come true and flourish on the web.
100% of our profits are donated to tech and music focused community programs.

Our Services

While we continue to update this page, please click each service to head to its respective site.

Options for every hosting need.

Not only do we have competitive pricing with a great return scale; our hardware and customer support are top-notch. No more worrying about lackluster options or 'snatch-and-grab' providers. From beginning to future, we've got your back.

Fast, 1:1 and scalable for any project

CPanel, Plesk & more without all the BS

From Beginner to Admin, it's all ready to roll

A fast, private, no logging VPN service built on Open-Source. Use any updated OpenVPN client to get traffic obfuscation, passive ad-blocking and multiple protocols. Affordable pricing starting at just $1 per month.

TLS-Crypt, Stunnel & soon: XOR

No logs are kept. Recursive DNS.

All blocked at DNS level.

It's your connection. Secure it!

Fast and Affordable Cloud Storage.

Partnering with Wasabi Systems on both coasts of the United States, we're able to offer secure, speedy and low-cost cloud storage based on the S3 protocol. Clients have an easy-to-use interface with several Quality-of-Life integrations and features.

250GB starting at $4/mo

All files private by default

Upload up to 200GB files

The label that started it all. Electronic Dance Music releases benefiting a charity of the Artist's choosing. Internationally released on Beatport, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer and more.

Easy online submission process

All releases include ad material & plan.

Open to all electronic music genres

Bass Music for Good!

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